GridGIS Connect

GridGIS Connect app enables field personnel to work with Ariadna ILF12 connectivity detection equipment and automatically stores identification results of electricity meter link with Secondary Substation (SS) feeder and phase numbers.

Through this application captured data is displayed, on a map view of the work area, quickly and easily.

Main Features

  • Record information of Secondary Substation utility assets: SS Name, Transformer, LV Panel, LV Feeders, LV and MV cable types, MV Switchgear, etc.
  • Record information of the Ariadna ILF12 device configuration: Central Device coding, link between feeder number and Rogowski coil connection input number, etc.
  • Record Meter ID and picture
  • Add photos of assets
  • GPS Position of each reading point: Secondary Substation, Meters, Meter Boxes, etc.
  • Log of Line Device detections with time stamp: Central Device-Phase-Feeder result + Date and hour
  • Track work progress

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