GridGIS Connect

GridGIS Connect Android App enables field personnel to work with Ariadna ILF12 connectivity detection equipment and automatically links identification results with Secondary Substation (SS) feeder numbers (independent from Central Device's configured input number).

It has been specially designed to speed up field working time, simplify data transfer to GIS system of utility companies and avoid data recording mistakes.

Main Features

  • Records information of Secondary Substation utility assets, along with pictures (SS Name, Transformer, LV Panel, LV Feeders, LV and MV cable types, MV Switchgear, etc.)
  • Record information of the Ariadna ILF device configuration (CD Coding, relation between feeder numbers and Rogowski coil connection input number, etc.)
  • GPS Position of each reading point (SS, Meters, Meter Boxes, etc.)
  • Record Meter ID and Picture
  • Log of Line Device detections (CD-Phase-Feeder results)
  • Track work progress

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