GridGIS Map Creator

GridGIS Map Creator Android App allows to map, with GPS coordinates, aerial/underground MV and LV electrical networks with different assets (Secondary Substations (SS), feeder paths, manholes, etc) directly on the field.

It has been specially designed to speed up field working time, simplify data transfer to GIS systems of utility companies and avoid data recording mistakes.

Main Features

  • Records information of Secondary Substation utility assets, along with pictures (SS Name, Transformer, LV Panel, LV Feeders, LV and MV cable types, MV Switchgear, etc).
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection with main advanced cable locators on the market, such as MRT- 700 Underground Cable and Pipe Locator.
  • Includes metadata information on each captured point, such as depth, amount of signal (mA), etc.
  • Once the mapping is done, it is stored in the desired format to be used by any GIS system.
  • Draw cable paths on map with GPS.
  • Register network asset elements: manholes, power boxes, feeder pillars, etc.
  • Track work progress.

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