Ariadna Grid among the winner of the MassChallenge-Biscay competition for startups

Names of the 10 winners of he MassChallenge-Biscay competition for startups are already known. The winners will travel to Boston in the early March in order to receive MassChallenge's acceleration services, thanks to the agreement signed between the accelerator and Biscay's goverment.

55 startups from Biscay have participated in the MassChallenge-Biscay competition. 20 of them passed to a second phase and 10 to the final phase, which will allow them to travel to Boston during the following days, in order to follow up acceleration dynamics during one week. ARIADNA GRID is among the selected companies.

After staying in Boston, 3 selected startups from Biscay will compete in a Semi-Final along with other 299 startups all over the world. 128 of those startups will be finally selected as participants in a 4 month acceleration process.


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