LV Grid data collection campaigns

Applications designed to improve the performance of field devices for utility asset data collection

Speed up field working time

Speed up field
working time

Simplify data transfer to GIS system

Simplify data transfer
to GIS system

Avoid data recording mistakes

Avoid data
recording mistakes

Mapping campaign

GridGIS Connect app enables field personnel to work with Ariadna ILF12 connectivity detection equipment and automatically stores identification results of energy meter link with Secondary Substation, feeder and phase numbers. Mapping Campaign

Network tracing campaign

GridGIS Map Creator app allows to map, with GPS coordinates, aerial/underground MV and LV electrical networks with different assets directly on the field. Tracing campaign

Main features

Logging MV & LV assets: transformer, LV panel, wire type, fuse, manholes, poles…
Mapping/Topology – Logging of energy meter identifier: SS-feeder-phase + time stamp + worker (Only GridGIS Connect)
GPS geolocalization of each identified asset and trace route (Only GridGIS Map Creator)
Photo of each identified asset
Logging of each captured element metadata
Import/export of GIS system compatible files: GeoJSON and Shapefile
Bluetooth connection compatible with any Android device
Work progress tracking

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