LV Smart Sensors

Low Voltage Advanced Supervision

PowerGridMAP works with input data provided by sensors deployed in the Secondary Substation (known as Advanced Supervision sensors). These sensors measure electric parameters of Low Voltage feeders. The HW comprises the meters at feeder level (feeder supervisors) along with a data concentrator (LVRTU) that collects, stores and creates reports of all readings from these feeder supervisors.
PowerGridMAP is compatible with Advanced Supervision sensors of several vendors, already stardardized and massively deployed by leading DSOs.

Main features

  • Measures V, I, PF, Active/Reactive Power and Energy per LV feeder and phase
  • Real time alarm generation: Blown fuse due to shortcircuit blown fuse detection due to overload, overcurrent, over/undervoltage
  • Earth leakage current sensor
  • Power Quality: compliance IEC 61000-4-30 & EN-50160
  • Ethernet output to cellular/PLC gateway communication