Ariadna Platform

A new product category that GLOBAL MANAGES the Low Voltage Network, interacting with ADMS-SCADA, GIS and remote management systems

LV Grid Topology

Detect the connection point of an electricity user to the network (up to phase and feeder level) thanks to LV Mapping algorithm patented by ARIADNA Grid. Build up a digital model of grid assets (digital map).

Power Flow Simulation

Identify critical hotspots (high saturation and/ or voltage drop), balances the loads at feeder level (hence reducing technical loss), detects the best connection point (phase & feeder level) for new supplies.

Loss Detection

Calculate the energy balance and detect technical & non-technical power loss (at feeder and phase level)

Power Quality

Monitor the quality of supply by measuring the power quality parameters, according to IEC 61000-4-30. Check if the measurements for each parameter are within the ranges defined by the EN 50160 standard. ReportAutomatic generation of weekly reports.

SCADA-ADMS plug-in

Identify real-time (in seconds) alarms & events in the Low Voltage grid at feeder and phase level (open/blow fuse, overcurrent, over/under voltage, feeder/phase overload, etc.) Identify automatically the impacted assets & electricity users.

Device Management

Real-time communication with the hardware, remote configuration and updates of hardware, such as Secondary Substation feeder sensors, Smart Meters, etc.