Ariadna Grid is a member of the Prime Alliance. Founded in 2009 by eight leading companies in the industrial sector, Prime Alliance is currently made up of more than 65 cross-sector companies: service companies, SW development companies, Smart Meter suppliers, data concentrators,…Ariadna will contribute our knowledge and developments within the standardisation projects, with the aim of achieving efficient and secure communication between all the devices in the electrical networks, applying the latest technologies..

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The PRIME Alliance Association was incorporated for the purpose of developing and using open and standardized solutions to support smart metering and smart grid functionalities. Its scope is:

  • Provide provide an open forum for the creation of protocol specifications and standards for narrowband power line communications (PLC) for smart metering and smart grid products and services
  • Accelerate the demand for smart metering and smart grid products and services based on worldwide standards through sponsorship of the market and user education programs
  • Encourage and promote broad and open royalty free industry adoption and use of the specifications adopted by the Association
  • Protect the needs of consumers and increase the market potential to create a new industry and rich ecosystem of suppliers by supporting the creation and implementation of uniform, industry- wide conformance test procedures and processes which assure the interoperability of products implementing the specifications adopted by the Association