Ariadna’s renovation


Ariadna, a leading digital innovation company, is undergoing a transformation. Starting with our corporate identity, we are now thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. This significant update marks a milestone in our company’s evolution, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technologies.

Evolution. Adaptation. Reinvention


Ariadna new logoAs the world progresses, Ariadna evolves, adapts, and reinvents itself. Our brand has witnessed these changes:

  • In 2007, we introduced the market’s first 100% reliable line and phase identification system.
  • In 2016, we played a crucial role in the emergence of Smart Grids in the Bilbao metropolitan area, contributing to the Bidelek Sareak project by developing advanced line-level monitoring systems and automatic detection algorithms for smart meter topology.
  • In 2023, the advent of new tools like AI has propelled us to the next level, enabling the development of a comprehensive solution for telemetry, monitoring, analysis, and digitalization of Low Voltage networks: Ariadna Smart IoT Platform.


Our new logo reflects this progress, encapsulating all the knowledge accumulated over these years and representing the various stages we have traversed. The new icon resembles an all-seeing eye, a circle encompassing everything—comprehensive supervision of the Low Voltage network. We began by detecting BT network topologies, and now we monitor and supervise all BT network elements, identifying alarms, waveform quality, fraud cases, and more.


Our story: A legacy of innovation


Founded over two decades ago, Ariadna has paved a path of success in the electrical sector. Our journey is marked by constant innovation and the ability to adapt to rapid technological changes. From humble beginnings to our current position, Ariadna has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.


Website renovation


The modernisation project of our website stems from the need to showcase what Ariadna truly does—to portray the evolution of recent years, where we stand, and where we are heading. We have created a new portal to solidify our brand image as a leading company in the electrical sector, firmly dedicated to innovation and development that serves the needs of our clients.


Ariadna launch new website. Home

Design and navigation


We maintain our essence, but we have renewed ourselves, with a more modern and fresh design. The new website has a more dynamic and attractive interface, with a much more user-friendly content structure and simplified navigation.


A detailed website overview


Our new website comprises several key sections to ensure an optimal user experience. In addition to showcasing our solutions and services, we aim for it to be a reference point and resource for various professionals in the sector, serving as a communication channel within the power sector.

1. Home


Providing an overview of our solutions and services, highlighting recent solutions and current trends.

Smart Iot platform. Our main and innovative solution, an advanced platform for comprehensive Low Voltage network management from a single environment. A global solution and constantly evolving that adapts to our clients’ needs.

Ariadna launch new website. Loss detection

Use cases. Presenting valuable solutions for different use cases crucial for electric distribution companies:


Servicios. Offering comprehensive support to our clients with a 360-degree vision, including Consulting, Labs, Managed IT Factory, and Data Science services, all while maximizing the value of implemented solutions.


Services Ariadna


2. Human Capital


Recognizing that human capital is a fundamental pillar of our organization, we’ve dedicated a page for individuals interested in joining our team. It also serves as a platform to post our active job openings.


3. Communication channel


To aid navigation and assist our users in resolving inquiries, we’ve included contact forms throughout the navigation. At Ariadna, we are eager to address any questions and requirements that reach us through the website or other channels.

4. News


In recent years, we’ve bolstered our presence on social media, particularly on our LinkedIn profile, sharing valuable information and updates on our commercial activities, exhibitions, client interactions, partnerships in cutting-edge projects, and more.

Within the website, we’ve created a news and information space to publish content that adds value to our users.


Ariadna, drawing the future of the electric network


In summary, Ariadna has taken a step forward with its new website, reaffirming our commitment to excellence, innovation, and new technologies. With a strong corporate identity and a history of success, we at Ariadna are ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and remain at the forefront of electrification network digitalization.


Ariadna launch new website