Ariadna Grid implements the  platform PowerGridMAP in UFD, the electricity distributor of the Naturgy Group, a worlwide energy utility reference company with more than 3.8 million supply points in Spain.

This opportunity allows us to develop the full potential of our platform in the first electricity distributor in Galicia and the third in the Spanish electricity market, which along with Endesa (E-distribución), iDE (Iberdrola) and E-REDES/VIESGO, operate 90% of the Spanish electricity market.

Ariadna advances in the market of national distributors adding UFD to the portfolio of reference customers such as EREDES  / VIESGO.

Our advanced analytics tool is fed with the data provided by the sensors installed in the Low Voltage network, includingthe Smart Meters, providing solutions for specific use cases:

These sensors, an error free updated topology database and the exploitation of use cases are the fundamental pillars on which the digitalization of networks is based. The constant evolution and improvement of analytical tools and technologies allows the development of new functionalities that add value, allowing electricity companies to manage their networks more effectively and efficiently.

The integration of Ariadna PowerGridMAP is a further step for distribution companies in the smart management of their Low Voltage networks, in a more sustainable way.