ARIADNA with the electric car engineers of the future

Last Sunday May 27, Muskiz (Biscay-Spain) hosted for the first time a race of electric motor cars designed by children between 9 to 16 years old. Moreover, Ariadna Grid was there sponsoring the vehicle designed by Lauro Ikastola´s student team.

The association Kid’s kitcar-Greenpower Iberia organizaed the event, in collaboration with the City Council of Muskiz and COIIB. The race took place at the facilities of the municipal sports center and the “Meatzari Aretoa”. There were two different competitions: Goblin category (participants between 9-11 years old) and category F-24 (participants between 11-16 years old).

The objective of the activity is to compete with the electric motor cars that they themselves have built before, putting their designs to the test during the race. This type of event develops the technical and social skills of collaboration between the different teams. Also promoting the development of the skills of our future engineers.

The next appointment will be in Castro Urdiales (Cantabria-Spain) on June 30, there we will be!