The VI Smart Grids Congress 2019, a reference forum on the evolution of smart grids on the national scene, has taken place last December. This edition, organized by Tecma Red Group with the co-organization of Futured has welcomed 223 accredited professionals of the electric sector.

The program designed by a Technical Committee composed of 40 experts with different backgrounds has included 2 round tables and 12 oral presentations. Round tables have provided insight into the changes the electric sector is facing today: flexibility markets and the transformation process of utilities to adapt to new models. The presentations were structured in four blocks: digital technologies, electric energy storage, the growth of of power electronics at all levels of the network and the evolution of equipment and materials.

The talks were selected within the papers call made few months prior to the event, among the professionals in the electric sector.


The paper developed by ARIADNA Grid, presented by its CTO Haritz Zubia: “Advanced analytics for simulation of low voltage network power flows” has been selected for the talk.

The charging of the electric vehicle at home, the integration of renewable energies and the management of responsible demand reinforce the need for flexible electric markets. In order to meet these demands of today’s society, it is necessary to know in greater detail the real saturation condition of distribution networks.

From ARIADNA Grid we have tackled this problem from an innovative and disruptive point of view, applying advanced analytics to the data provided by the sensors installed in the LV network, developing a software tool that allows to perform power flow simulations per hour and per cable segment. Thanks to this technology, distribution companies will be able to know in more detail the current state of their networks, the additional capacity to connect new supplies and the real investment needs in network reinforcement and/or expansion. All this will help them face successfully upcoming challenges.

Talk video: