Mission, Vision & Values

Exploit data provided by the Smart Sensors to give value to the DSOs

The secret sauce

We are a software development company focused on Smart Grid solutions. Our disruptive, fast and accurate solution in the monitoring of the distribution network of LV, helps DSOs to be more efficient.

From IoT sensors, an improved data analysis and our own patented algorithm that guarantees 100% reliability in topology, we perform advanced monitoring of the last mile.

Our extensive knowledge as a manufacturer of equipment for the identification of cables, our experience in processing field data and our unique commercial approach makes ARIADNA Grid a major player in the current energy transition scenario.

Make data useful

We want to optimize the capacity of the existing electrical distribution networks, with the challenge of responding to the new needs demanded by society: electrification of the transport, increase in the electricity consumption, distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, improvement of the quality of service, etc.


Electric Power Experts

Electric Power Experts

More tan 12 years of knowledge in the physical operation of the Low Voltage electric network

Unique Business Approach

Unique Business Approach

Advanced analytics that unlocks the value of DSO´s data

Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy

Automatic LV Mapping:
100% reliability
Tampered Meter Identification
(illegal shunt): >95% reliability

Equipo multidisciplinar

Multidisciplinary team

Qualified professionals who research and develop disruptive technological solutions.