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Quality Policy

Ariadna Grid is an innovative and benchmark company, focused on providing the greatest possible value to electricity distribution companies in the digitization of their network.

To be a reference company you must:

  • Capture very well the demanded needs of the Market, KEY data when determining inputs in the design of products / services.
  • Collaborate and specify highly innovative projects with leading companies in the sector, both national and international.
  • Capture new clients through an internationalization process.
  • Obtain high satisfaction and loyalty from our clients.
  • Capture talent and achieve the collaboration and participation of all the people who make up the Organization in order to achieve the established objectives.
  • Offer the market high quality products / services / with robustness and design.
  • Guarantee social involvement.
  • Make the quality policy available to all interested parties.

How can we get it?

  • Establishment of good communication channels between Ariadna Grid and the Market / Clients.
  • Analyzing the Weaknesses / Risks / Strengths / Opportunities, as well as the objectives, establishing the appropriate actions to achieve them. Aligning the quality management system with the organization’s strategy.
  • Ensuring that our products / services meet all market expectations regarding: functionality, reliability, price, compliance with legal regulations and requirements, as well as excellent after-sales service.
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement in all fields of the company.
  • Establishment of objectives that are reviewed, updated and specific communications.
  • Carrying out a good selection process, which adjusts to the required profiles, of the new incorporations.
  • Establishing good channels of Internal Communication between all the members of the Organization, as well as guaranteeing the correct training of the staff based on the work performed.
  • Providing all the necessary resources (financial, human, fixed assets, training, etc.).
  • Generating employment and wealth in the environment.

For this, the Management of Ariadna Grid has implemented a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard, which it periodically reviews and improves, as a means to achieve the defined strategies.

Rev10. Febrary 2024