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Software platform that enables a global management of Low Voltage electrical distribution networks.


Ariadna Smart Iot Platform, an advanced solution for the global management of Low Voltage networks

Ariadna Smart IoT Platform is the most comprehensive solution for Low Voltage grid management in Distribution System Operators (DSOs). With a 360-degree view, it incorporates all the necessary elements to monitor Low Voltage grids in a single platform, supporting network management, supervision, maintenance, and planning operations.

Advanced analytics solution applied to Low Voltage networks.

Building upon Ariadna’s topology detection algorithm, the platform constructs a digital map of the network with maximum precision, giving response to various use cases built to efficiently manage the network. This robust and secure platform has been developed with the vision to support all existing and future digital elements in the Low Voltage Network. It processes the information generated by LV sensors and applies advanced AI analytics that address a multitude of use cases affecting different departments within companies: early supply incident detection, digital asset monitoring and management, issues related to distributed renewable energies (DER) roll-out, network planning, fraud detection, and more.

A scalable, modular, and flexible software platform tailored to DSO’s modern server architecture and cybersecurity policies.

In Ariadna we are aware that these type of platforms enter the core business of DSOs, so we offer a long-term sustainable solution. We adapt to the specific needs of our clients, and grow with them, providing flexibility and efficiency in the development and implementation of joint projects.
Open Data
Hardware Agnostic
Smart IoT Platform

Data Protection, Information, and Cybersecurity

Security is important to us and our clients. Our organization operates in accordance with best practices and international standards. All our solutions are designed with a strong security focus and tailored to our clients’ security requirements.
  • User Authentication
  • Authentication of connected systems
  • Confidentiality and data integrity
  • Traceability
We are in the process of certifying according to ISO 27001 standard.

The Ariadna platform consists of independent services that can be adapted to DSO’s Purdue cybersecurity architecture.

The essence of the platform lies in maintaining smooth and effective communication between the devices distributed in the field and the company’s systems. Open Data: The data and alarms sent by the sensors belong to the DSO, and are routed to the necessary applications and databases once they are received and processed.
The architecture has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the critical elements of electrical companies, such as Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This integration provides companies with a comprehensive view of their network infrastructure, facilitating informed strategic and operational decision-making. Scalability is a fundamental part of the architecture. As more devices are added, the application is structured to scale by parallelizing its execution across multiple machines, with the ability to integrate all of the electrical company’s Secondary Substation sensors. The application’s services can operate both on cloud or on-premises, adapting to the Purdue cybersecurity architecture zones.

Ariadna Smart IoT Platform: device management, data ingestion and storage, alarm reception/routing, and AI-based data processing.

  • Alarm and measurement gateway from WS/MQTT to SCADA viaIEC104/DNP3
  • Device management, remote and bulk
  • Device commissioning
  • Data acquisitionand ingestión
  • Supported protocols: WS, STG-ADVLV, MQTT, Modbus-TCP

LV alarm Gateway + µSCADA

  • Protocol translator to SCADA (+10k IEDs) :
    • WS <-> IEC104
    • WS <-> DNP3
  • HW Alarm management
    • Logic/conditional filtering
    • Device inhibitor, Black/Whitelist, …
  • SW alarm creation and management
  • Alarm routing to different departments, customized, etc.
  • Resend notifications to email, WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Single Sign-on from existing SCADA:
    • Enhance event and alarm data on SSs with oscillographies and historical measurement profiles

Digital Assets

  • Individual/Bulk device management:
    • Device configuration
    • Communication parameter configuration
    • FW upgrade
  • Automatic asset health and failure detection
  • Plug&Play: device commissioning tool

LV topology

  • Automatic link between meter and LV feeder and phase
  • Parallel/Ringed feeder detection
  • Inventory correction


  • Energy balance calculation
  • Power loss kWh per SS and LV feeder
  • Shunt tampered meter detection

Power Quality

  • IEC61000-4-30 measurements
  • EN50160 weekly compliance automatic report per SS
  • Events and Oscillography