A computing platform that will enable smart charging services for EVs at home


In 2030, 14% of cars are expected to be electric and 95% of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be charged at home. The penetration of EV in the coming years will increase the electricity demand on the Low Voltage (LV) network. It makes sense to foresee that EVs will be usually charged at night when users arrive home from work. The current LV grid is not ready to withstand the impact of the peak demand generated by the simultaneous charging of a great number of EVs. Thus, EVs could have a significant impact on the peak demand of electricity at certain times and locations:

  • Producing distribution grid congestions
  • Producing power cuts due to overloads, blowing protection fuses or tripping circuit breakers
  • Premature aging of network assets (transformers, cables, etc.)
  • Need of new network creations or scale up of existing ones to accommodate new loads

Additionally, the increasing number of Renewable Energy Resources connected to the distribution network will affect the quality of the energy supply delivered by Distribution System Operators (DSOs):

  • Altering Power Quality


Within Charge@Home project ARIADNA will develop an updated version of the LV Computing Platform with a completely new module for EVs called SMART CHARGING. ARIADNA offers a cost effective solution to add smartness to the existing LV network: the installation of sensors in the Secondary Substation feeder, combined with smart meter data and managed by LV Computing Platform. Upgrading the grid by installing new assets is a high investment cost (between 4 and 10 times higher). Our alternative approach to meet the future energy demand rise is based on making the most of existing LV network infrastructure/capacity.

This module will calculate power availability for each electricity user depending on real time data. When there is enough capacity available it enables the DSO to offer semi-fast (22kW) charging for EVs at home, reducing charging time from 6h to 1h.

This innovative and disruptive solution has high potential to improve DSOs network operation. Charge@Home allows DSOs to:

  • Have full control of the LV network and reach visibility on congestions
  • Enable smart charging, making the most of the existing network/capacity

This project has received funding from the Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Programme (Nº 790499)

Charge@Home is a solution that complements ARIADNA portfolio while it strengthens our vision of the electricity industry: make the most out of the existing network and enable new energy services for consumers. To prove this vision, ARIADNA will be running a pilot along with key stakeholders of the value chain.

We want to know if you are interested in participating. We will be happy to share with you our goals and see how  we can help each other in this interesting project.

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