Electric Vehicle penetration is coming... and we are working on it


With the progressive decrease in EV prices and an increase of range and battery capacities, the lack of an adequate charging infrastructure could become the main obstacle in their massive adoption.

EV charging is made mostly (more than 90% times) at home, when owners return from work, at a regulated price and in charging sessions that last all night. However, there are times when users need to charge their vehicles faster at unplanned times, due to an unforeseen trip, an emergency or simply because they forgot to plug it in the previous day.


Charge@Home: a Low Voltage network computing platform that will allow Smart Charging services for EVs at home.

To offer users an alternative in these situations, ARIADNA has launched the Charge@Home project, a solution that will allow the effective implementation of Smart Charging services at home. This project intends to actively manage EV charging, not only not to saturate the network but also to offer semi-fast charging services (22kW) at home at specific moments, depending on the instantaneous availability of the electrical network.

Charging at home will be easy, flexible and cheaper than charging outside, because this system will take full advantage of existing electrical distribution infrastructures that reach all households, without the need for large investments on new networks, and also taking advantage of a regulated price system.

This project has received funding from the Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Programme (No 790499).

Charge@Home is a project that complements ARIADNA portfolio, strengthening  our vision of the future of the electrical distribution sector: making the most of existing electricity networks and providing new services for customers. To support this vision, ARIADNA will soon launch a pilot with key stakeholders (DSOs, electricity retail companies and car manufactures).


We want to know if you are interested in participating. We will be happy to share with you our goals and see how  we can help each other in this interesting project.

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