The energy industry is undergoing a major transformation as a result of decarbonisation. In this context electric networks play a major role in the achievement of the environmental objectives set internationally and in the development of a sustainable economy. To face these new challenges, electric utilities need to monitor their networks and have full control over them. This is particularly critical on the Low Voltage network, where renewable energy needs to be integrated while keeping safety and quality supply standards.

ARIADNA set of solutions analyse the operation of the LV network in real-time, based on the collection, analysis and management of multiple data sources. This is done by processing the data coming from smart sensors deployed in the Secondary Substation (at feeder level) along with data delivered by smart meters. This is a unique and disruptive approach since for the first time ever LV network monitoring is done based on devices standardised by DSOs and processed by 100% reliable algorithms.

This solution represents a big step forward on the grid digitalization, and allows to reduce future investments per delivered kWh. It allows DSOs to efficiently integrate distributed energy resources (DER), electric vehicles (EV), storage batteries, etc - while ensuring the continuity and security of supply. It is compatible with multiple sensor vendors and can be integrated with existing DSO systems.

ARIADNA solution