Device Management

Manage multiple manufacturer’s devices from a single interface

ARIADNA LV Computing Platform is a professional middleware that allows electric utility companies to manage hundreds of thousands of sensors and field devices with an easy to use interface.


  • On cloud or on utility’s Data Center
  • Scalable and secure: certified privacy and data protection
  • Time series optimized database stores data for more than one year
  • Hardware agnostic, compatible with multiple manufacturers
  • Multi-protocol: XML reports on FTP servers, MODBUS, etc.
  • Open Web-services device management protocol
  • Capacity to integrate with SCADA, ADMS, etc.
  • Massive device management automated tool:
    - Configure alarm thresholds, parameters
    - Firmware updates
  • Real time measurements
  • User profile management
  • Future-proof OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)