Network Management

Simulate Low Voltage networks using smart meter profiles

Grid planning and rollouts have been traditionally based on statistical estimations resulting in some cases on over-sized capacity networks. However, today’s DSO challenges - growing electricity demand, integration of intermittent renewable energy sources and increased asset and energy efficiency - entails the need of a better control of the Low Voltage network, precise and near real-time.

Reliable digital mapping

In this context knowing where customers are connected (network topology) - up to phase level - with 100% accuracy is crucial to build a reliable inventory. Without this level of reliability, any further data processing to calculate relevant network parameters - technical loss, power flow, asset saturation, etc - will include errors that impact on an efficient network management and planning.

To overcome this, ARIADNA’s initial effort was focused on developing a technology that would allow to detect precisely and reliably where any consumer/prosumer is connected, i.e, to which Secondary Substation, Transformer, LV panel, Feeder and Phase is linked.

This is achieved by combining the data coming from smart sensors deployed in the LV Secondary Substation (at feeder level) with data provided by smart meters. Thanks to a patented technology, which is 100% reliable, many DSOs have improved and completed significantly the accuracy of their digital asset inventory.

LV network monitoring and control

Taking this precise grid topology as a baseline, ARIADNA exploits its deep knowledge on the electrical network to develop analytical techniques that allow to measure and calculate with an unprecedented level of accuracy key grid attributes and phenomenon. As an example, we can:

Digital sensors provide the data collected at the Low Voltage head (SS) and by smart meters. However, massive sensoring does not give by itself the valuable information DSOs need to efficiently operate their networks. Optimized algorithms and analytical techniques are required to transform the enormous quantity of field data into meaningful information for network planning and rollout.

ARIADNA is therefore a trustworthy partner on the implementation of their strategic goals around digitalization and efficiency.