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Field data collection becomes fast, simple, and transcription error-free with GridGIS D-twin. This tool helps digitize electrical distribution networks, optimizing all the process.


Do you know WHERE and HOW customers are connected?

Are you preparing a meter replacement campaign? Do you want to digitise the paths of the electrical networks? Do you need to update GIS system data? Our solution can help you.


GridGIS D-twin is a low-voltage electrical network digitisation app.

Developed to work with Merytronic’s portable devices, it offers a complete and efficient solution that allows automatic storage and transfer of field-collected data, including:
  • Network topology data, showing electrical customer connections.
  • Mapping of electrical lines.
  • Network inventory (transformers, feeders).
  • Barcode data for meters.
  • Geolocation data and images of devices within the network.
GridGIS D-twin is compatible with QGIS, ArcGIS, GE Smallworld and Google Earth. App is a versatile solution applicable to both electrical distribution networks and water/gas distribution networks.


GridGIS D-twin ensures data integrity and reliability, optimizing the entire process.

  • Reduces fieldwork time
  • Simplifies information transfer
  • Prevents transcription errors
  • Enables integration with the company’s GIS system

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