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Automatically detect tampered meters, before field inspections are made



Electrical power losses, both technical and non-technical, are critical aspects in the efficient management of an electrical network.

Electrical grids must contend with increased energy demand due to the electrification of the economy and the effects stemming from the integration of distributed energy resources. The detection of losses in distribution networks is an increasingly concerning aspect for electric utilities

What is each one and how can they be detected?

Technical losses can be attributed to the inefficiency of the electrical network itself (inherent resistance of conductors, transformers, and other components) or faults that result in ground leakages and may even pose a risk of electrical discharge to humans and animals. Electrical fraud, non-technical losses, can result from illegal connections or meter tampering. This not only leads to economic losses but also poses a risk to network safety and can increase the load, potentially causing unwanted power outages. The energy balance between delivered energy, measured by network sensors, and the energy billed through meters is an appropriate method for quantifying losses at different levels of the network. To ensure the reliability of this calculation, it is vital to have an error-free topology that indicates the connection of customers to the system. Then the results of energy balances clearly point out the areas where the network should be reviewed to identify the cause of the losses. In summary, network sensing and a reliable customer connection topology are essential in the efficient management of losses in an electrical network.


Fraud solution. Loss detection and energy balance

In the current context of energy transition, operators have the need to manage their networks more efficiently through effective system digitalization, instead of relying on traditional grid reinforcement methods. One of the main objectives of a modern, digitalized network is the efficient detection and reduction of non-technical losses. ARIADNA has developed a solution that automatically calculates a 100% reliable network topology and allows for energy balance calculations at various network levels from a single environment. Calculation of energy balances at Secondary Substation, transformer, LV panel, and feeder:
  • Imported and exported energy supplied
  • Aggregation of energy from meters by feeder and network elements
  • Quantification of power losses between dates
  • Energy balance profile visualization
Fraud detection
  • Automatic “shunt” tampered smart meter detection (reliability +95%)
  • Fraud energy calculation
  • Temporary alarms related to possible fraud


Energy savings
  • Increase grid efficiency
  • Avoid wasted energy
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
Reduce overall system costs
  • Defer grid reinforcement investments
  • Field asset lifespan increase
  • Ensure public and personnel safety
  • Reduce network safety incidents

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