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Use Case


Identification of alarms and events in real-time (in seconds) at the line and phase level in the Low Voltage network.



Alarm and event management that affect the supply and safety of the Low Voltage electrical network

With the massive deployment of sensors in the Low Voltage network, numeorus alarms and events from the field come into play, reaching the servers of electric companies.
These notifications are essential to detect and alert about any event that could impact the continuity of supply and network safety. They are automatically generated by the deployed equipment and are activated when certain measurement thresholds are reached, such as a transformer overload or a voltage drop on a line. Due to the extensive deployment of field equipment, a server tool is necessary to effectively manage the parameterization of the equipment that generates alarms. Once these are received, it is essential to establish server-level logic to filter, clean, and route them to the relevant departments. When an alarm arrives at a SCADA/ADMS, it is important to be highly reliable and provide valuable information for the user. Often, it is very useful to include additional information related to the event that helps identify the root cause and allows for problem resolution in the shortest possible time with maximum safety.


LV Alarm Gateway + µSCADA, real time alarm and event detection on LV feeder and phase

Integrating Low Voltage alarms and events into SCADAs of electric companies presents a challenge, primarily due to the large number of devices that need to be monitored. Furthermore, if the information coming from the field generates false positives, there is a risk that operators may lose confidence in the data source, potentially even abandoning this valuable source of information. Another challenge is the integration of IoT devices that use protocols incompatible with classic remote-control protocols, such as IEC 104 and DNP3. Ariadna has developed an Alarm Gateway that addresses these needs. It integrates a protocol translator, communication thread manager for over 10,000 IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and allows users to manage the vast number of events arriving at the servers by establishing filtering policies. Additionally, this functional module allows for the application of alarm configuration templates on devices (thresholds and timings) and the creation of white/blacklists for equipment.


  • Integration of Low Voltage alarms and measurements into existing SCADAs.
  • Translation of IoT protocols to IEC104/DNP3.
  • Bulk device management.
  • New software alarm creation and routing.

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