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The digital twin is a tool that allows DSOs to efficiently manage LV networks, and power flow calculation is its fundamental computing engine.



New challenges of the energy transition: increased energy demand and integration of distributed energy resources.

The energy transition is already a reality. In a society increasingly conscious of environmental protection, there is a growing demand to use renewable energy resources. Furthermore, with an increase in consumption demand due to the electrification of transportation and active policies to reduce CO2 emissions, DSOs are facing new challenges in network management
The traditional (unidirectional) management model of Low Voltage electrical networks, where the distribution company is the network asset manager, is no longer sufficient. A new management model is needed to introduce flexibility into energy markets, adapting to a distribution network with bidirectional flow, where consumers are also energy producers thanks to renewables sources (DERs). In this new scenario, distribution companies must incorporate new tools that allow them to:
  • detect hotspots in the network
  • locate grid segments where distributed generation affects supply voltage
  • find places where load balancing can reduce technical losses in the system.


Low Voltage network power flow calculation engine.

To address these needs, ARIADNA has developed the Power Flow Simulator (PFS) tool, which, based on network mapping, hourly profiles from smart meters, and measurements from Secondary Substations, allows for the simulation of power flow through each segment of the Low Voltage network The application calculates the following parameters on an hourly basis for each segment of the Low Voltage network:
  • Mean values of current and active/reactive power
  • Voltage drops along the lines
  • Overvoltages caused by distributed generation
  • Conductor saturation / hot spot detection
  • Technical losses in kWh and generated CO2

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