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Use Case


Accurate LV mapping is key for an efficient network management.



Low Voltage network Digital Twin creation.

The challenges posed by the electrification of the economy require a more efficient management of the Low Voltage network. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a digital twin based on an error-free network model.
In this context, knowing how loads are connected to the network (feeder and phase topology of Low Voltage with 100% accuracy) is crucial for creating a reliable inventory. Without this level of reliability, any additional data processing to calculate the network’s status, customers affected by outages, congestion points, etc. will include errors that negatively impact an efficient management.


The ARIADNA CONNECTIVITY algorithm: automatic detection of Low Voltage meters phase and feeder connection

By crossing the consumption data from smart meters with the feeder supervisors’ data from the Secondary Substations, and within a matter of a few days, it calculates the electrical connection of each smart meter to a specific feeder and phase. This algorithm can determine the connection of any smart meter, regardless of the type of meters in the monitored area, even if they are legacy electromechanical. The algorithm ensures that the association between customers and their feeder connection point is automatically detected, keeping the topology database always updated. Furthermore, this method is independent from the communication technologies used in smart meters (PLC, radio, cellular, etc.). Thanks to ARIADNA’s proprietary technology, many Distribution System Operators (DSOs) have significantly improved the accuracy of their network inventory.

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