Accurate congestion point management for Low Voltage grids with high penetration of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and presence of Distributed Energy Resources (DER).


Actual electric distribution network is NOT READY to withstand massive SIMULTANEOUS charging of Electric Vehicles and managing DER. The SIMULTANEOUS charging of EV, e.g. when users arrive at home at night, could have a significant impact on the peak demand of electricity at certain times and locations, producing distribution grid congestions.
This may produce on the LV network:
  • Distribution grid congestions
  • Power cuts due to overloads, blowing protection fuses or tripping circuit breakers
  • Alterations to power quality (undervoltage, harmonics,etc.)
  • Premature aging of network assets
  • Need of new infrastructures or scale up of existing grids to accommodate new loads
But the usual way to accommodate new loads upgrading the grid is not a cost-effective method comparing to new technologies that smarten the grid. The actual lack of control and inflexibility of the LV network is hindering the massive adoption of electric mobility. DSOs need to create a smart distribution system, increasing their monitoring and flexibility features.


In order to solve those challenges, ARIADNA Grid has developed Charge@home, a software solution which calculates reliably the power availability of the network, based on the already existing distribution networks, assets information and data of rollout sensors (smart meters). Charge@home allows DSOs to:
  • have complete and up to date control of their LV distribution networks, detect bottlenecks, congestion points and enable an optimized management on upcoming flexibility scenarios.
  • make the most of the existing network capacity, provide Smart Charging services at home by regulating power and EV charging time, while managing DERs effectively maintaining quality and security at every moment.
This solution is an enabling technology for Smart Charging and Demand Response Management, in a cost-effective way, that add smartness to the existing LV network.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 790499

Charge@home complements ARIADNA Grid portfolio while it strengthens our vision of the electricity industry: make the most out of the existing network, helping DSOs adapt to new flexibility framework in the electric sector. To prove this vision, ARIADNA Grid will be running a pilot along with key stakeholders of the value chain. If you are interested in participating, we will be happy to share with you our goals and see how we can help each other in this innovative project.

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