Smart Meter installation campaign

Know WHERE and HOW your customers are connected

Install Smart Meter and register costumer topology

Complete and detailed information in one campaign
  • Smart Meter serial number
  • GPS position
  • Topology information
Compatible with common GIS systems: GeoJSON and Shapefile. A solution designed for big mapping campaigns of distribution networks, helping to reduce its duration and leading to great cost savings.

Global solution

ILF G2 | ILF G2Pro and Ariadna ILF12

Merytronic Portable devices to determine topology (phase and feeder) between Smart Meter and Secondary Substation
Ariadna ILF12

GridGIS Connect

App optimizes to data capture in the field: network topology and asset data GridGIS Connect

An easy way




Decrease SAIDI:
  • Faster fault detection
  • Detection of affected customers
New buildings

New buildings

New suppliers with a balanced network
Supply quality

Supply quality

Notify customers about planned outages

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