Loss detection

Automatic detection of tampered meters, before field inspections


Loss detection (technical and non-technical) in distribution networks is a increasing concern for utilities, due to its financial, security, technical and environmental impact. Electric grids have to face a higher demand of energy due to the electrification of transport and the effects derived from the integration of distributed energy resources. In this current energy transition context, operators have the need to manage their networks more efficiently by means of an effective digitalisation of the system, rather than relying on traditional asset reinforcement methods. On this path, one of the main objectives of a modern digital grid is an efficient detection and reduction of non-technical power losses.


Based on a 100% reliable network topology, ARIADNA Grid’s new algorithms detect energy losses, processing energy balances (served vs billed energy), and identifying different types of theft. Loss Detection Toolbox is able to:
  • Calculate network topology, i.e., automatically find, with 100% reliability, to which transformer, feeder and phase is each smart meter connected to
  • Compute and quantify an energy between LV feeder and aggregate of meter population
  • Detect, with > 95% reliability, tampered meters by “shunt”
As a result, DSOs benefit from new smart grid technologies on several aspects.

Energy savings

  • Increase grid efficiency
  • Avoid waste energy
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduce overall system costs

  • Defer infrastructure invesments
  • Increase livespan of field assets


  • Increase public and personnel safety

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